Lania Saga

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World's first ENJOYABLE blockchain game.
dApp does not mean low-quality apps anymore.


Gameplay should be a first concern
  • Real Classic RPG

    Our main idea is preventing blockchain technology from interfering with gaming. Even if the blockchain is used, the gameplay should remain fun.

  • Operated by Players

    Every game balancing is decided by players. If you think that game is not balanced well, you may vote to fix it. Entire voting is performed by smart contract.

  • No Presales

    Have you ever seen item presales before blockchain booms?

    Absolutley No!

  • Realtime MMO

    Don't play alone. Play with your friend. Grow with others. Beat users to earn KLAY.

  • With Klaytn technology

    MMORPG meets world's fastest blockchain. We're powered by Klaytn!

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